Tally Mobile App

Tally Mobile App

               Why Businesses choose Biz Analyst for growth

Tally Mobile App

Remain linked to your business. Always There.

  • No Accountant Reliance

  • Anytime, wherever, monitor your organization

  • That’s 2020. Take choices powered by smart data.



  Send excellent reminders and get paid quicker.

  • At one click, multiple reminders
  • Share payment reminders with a few taps via email, WhatsApp SMS
  • Reduction of up to 50 percent in payment delays
  • Avoid poor cashflow due to payment delays
Tally Mobile App
Tally Mobile App

          Entry of Data from App

  • Build sales invoices from the app, sales orders and receipts
  • Develop Purchase Invoices, Buy Orders and Payments
  • Automatically Syncs with Tally
  • Share via Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS and more immediately
  • Save time & decrease mistakes

  Increase efficiency for sales teams  

  • Excellent follow-up of their clients
  • Build sales orders, receipts and customer visits
  • Geo-tagged Check In/out customer visit survey
  • Add feedback for each visiting customer
  • Giving/removing restricted access to the sales team quickly
  • Set alerts for follow-up and get updates
Tally Mobile App

                                Step One

Tally Mobile App Install Program for Desktop

          Log in with your account & instantly enjoy updated details.

Step TwoTally Mobile App Install Framework for Smartphone

         Log in with your account & instantly enjoy updated details

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