Busy Accounting software at Special Price for Company Secretary(50% Discount)

Busy Accounting software at Special Price for Company Secretary(50% Discount)

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your interest in BUSY Accounting Software. The Software BUSY 21 under Scheme is available only in Soft Lock. For Approval under  Scheme the prerequisites are :

  •  The Purchase order should be on the prescribed format (plz find attached) on the Letter Head of the concerned Firm/Company Secretary  signed & stamped by him.
  • Payment instrument i.e. DD/cheque (issued by party in favor of BUSY Infotech Pvt Ltd) for

The cheque can  be sent through courier or directly deposit in our account

After receiving the above mentioned docs & subsequent verification, the Activation Key will be generated & sent to the concerned Firm/Company Secretary  email ID.

 Plz Note : The package under Scheme is for professional practice only.

Busy Accounting software at Special Price for Company Secretary(50% Discount)

Under this scheme, CMA,CS,Professional Accountants/STPs and GSTPs will be offered BUSY software at discounted prices.  

The scheme is explained as below:

  1. Offer for CS/CMA/Professional Accountants/STPs/GSTPs

Under this scheme, Accounting and Tax Professionals can get one copy of BUSY Software for their own use @50% discount. The scheme will be applicable for upgrade also (if purchased under the scheme).

  1. Logistics

1.  The authorized person will send the P.O. from Professional Accountants/STPs to BIPL for approval (Physical Copy / Scanned Copy).

a)  It should have a copy of PAN CARD in case of Accountant and ID card/Practicing/GST certificate in case of Tax practitioners. 
b)  The PO should have details of at least five clients where Accountant is currently working to avail the Accountant’s Scheme (as per attached Performa). There are two separate PO Performa, one for Accountant scheme and other for STPs.
c)  Please note that this offer can be availed only once.  If an Accountant/STP has already availed this offer in any of the earlier schemes offered,  he/she will not be eligible to avail this offer now.
2.  BIPL will do the necessary checks and controls and give either approval or disapproval. If approved, BIPL will need payment from said party in our Account.
3.  If approved, BIPL will bill @50% discount and despatch the package to concern person.
4.  After installation, party will send Acknowledged copy of invoice to BIPL latest by the 10th day of the following month and if approved.
For any clarification, please feel free to get in touch with the undersigned.


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