Work from Home with Biz Analyst

Work from Home with Biz Analyst

Work from Home with Biz Analyst

The last few days have seen a global crisis like never before. People all over the nation are confined to their homes for everybody’s safety. The best way to fight is social isolation, self-hygiene, and precautions.

However, businesses that use Tally ERP 9, and have Biz Analyst App with them can do a lot more during these difficult times. Work from Home with Biz Analyst

Biz Analyst is a Tally on Mobile App that syncs securely with Tally and lets the user access Tally at home. Here is what you can access from your home if you have Biz Analyst with you. Work from Home with Biz Analyst

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  • Simplified Dashboard: This gives you key business numbers on a single screen
  • Sales Analysis: Get detailed reports such as Sales by Customer, Item, Stock group, Stock Category, Ledger group (salesperson), etc.
  • Share: You can share your outstanding, invoices, ledger report directly via email, WhatsApp, etc, with custom messaging options.
  • Reports: Get reports such as Inactive Customer, Inactive Items, etc, these can help grow businesses and provide powerful insights into customer’s purchase patterns.
  • Data Entry: Create sales, purchase, receipt orders on your phone. These will get synced automatically on Tally. Both business owner & sales-team can create
  • Geo-Tracking — You can track your sales person’s productivity with our Check-in-Check-out feature. Admin can track their location, time spent at each location and they view the comments about the meetings added by the team.
  • Permission control: Though you can add multiple users, the admin on the App for multi-users — limited access to the salesperson by ledger group, stock group, etc.
  • Ledger — Get access to Ledger contact details so that it becomes easy to call, email them or search for their address
  • Outstanding — Get paid on time without any delays. Also, avail ageing wise outstanding & know the avg payment days of customers.
  • Stay Protected — Your data will be protected by 7 levels of security measures that keep your data secure and under your control

Over 50,000+ active businesses have continued to carry on during these trying times as they have access to all the information they need from the comfort of their homes. Work from Home with Biz Analyst

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