Tally|Prime’s |Simplified |Security| and |User| Management| System

Tally|Prime’s |Simplified |Security| and |User| Management| System

Tally|Prime’s |Simplified |Security| and |User| Management| System

Business data when fetched into the system, forever runs a risk of getting corrupted or leaked. Data security has been a significant concern to all or any or any business owners, which is one of the foremost reasons why several entrepreneurs are hesitating to automate various crucial business processes. The confidentiality of sensitive information is major criteria while choosing a business management software. Tally|Prime’s |Simplified |Security| and |User| Management| System

To secure your business data, TallyPrime offers a selection of security measures . TallyPrime comes with multiple levels of user and feature-based security levels to form sure that access to your data is restricted supported your preferences. an extra layer of security called TallyVault ensures encryption which nobody within the planet can break, not even us at Tally. Tally offers a comprehensive security framework for authentication, authorisation, integrity, and confidentiality of user data. Tally|Prime’s |Simplified |Security| and |User| Management| System

Single Sign On

Any business owner absolutely abhors complications. No one likes to have layers of processes to manage their everyday tasks. So, to get you a software, that not only automates your business in the simplest way possible, but also with complete security to your crucial financial data, TallyPrime’s single sign on feature helps you access information across various companies using the same credentials. For example, in case a business is maintaining multiple companies, and all the companies have the same username and password, a user need not provide the credentials while loading every company. When the first company is loaded, you will be asked to enter the valid username and password. And that’s it! From here you are free to access all the other companies which have the same access. This feature helps a great deal when usernames and passwords are lengthier and you have multiple companies to work on, simultaneously.

Switch user without changing the context

You can password protect your company data, define security levels for various users and do far more with the safety feature in TallyPrime. The administrator can give different permissions to different quite users supported the company’s requirement. For example: As an admin, you’ve got given some security access to a user. Now to see if the proper access is given to the user, you’d earlier need to close the corporate , reopen and login as a user to verify the access rights provided. Now with TallyPrime, you would like not close the corporate , but by the change user option, you’ll simply give the credentials of a special user, and company rights are going to be changed as per the new users logged in.

Another use case for an equivalent might be , while passing a voucher, you’ll suddenly remember to make a replacement stock item that you don’t have the access. With the ‘Switch User’ feature, you’ll ask someone with access to login using their credentials and make a stock item for you. However, during this case, you’ll need to quit the voucher screen and therefore the admin has got to login with their credentials. Tally|Prime’s |Simplified |Security| and |User| Management| System

Anywhere, anytime secure access

With remote working and virtualisation taking over the world, it’s important that your business software lets you access your crucial business data, anywhere, anytime. However, the security of accessing this data is always at risk, and we understand that. Thus, TallyPrime gives you the ability to view business reports from the comfort of a web browser, wherever you are with the promise that your data will always rest with you. Moreover, the licensing framework is such that it supports anytime access of the application up to a certain number of remote users through virtualization technologies like RDP, RDS etc. so your business can run non-stop.

Overall simplified experience while setting users/passwords

Since TallyPrime is meant to offer you a seamless experience within the easiest method , when it involves security, an equivalent approach has been used. All security-related operations are often performed from the highest menu, previously that a user had to travel to company alteration to form any alterations to secure access of knowledge supported the user’s role within the company, the administrator can provide different levels of access, which are Tally|Prime’s |Simplified |Security| and |User| Management| System predefined within the software.

This not only ensures data spillage but also gives control to who will have what proportion access to particular information.


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