E – Invoice Format In GST

E - Invoice Format In GST

E – Invoice Format In GS

In the GST regulations, the e-invoice format is reported as Form GST INV-1.

In other words, the e-invoice format or scheme is represented in detail using the GSTR INV-1 type.

This serves as a common template for invoice information to be recorded electronically.

The invoice information in the specified structure need to be recorded to IRP in JSON format. E – Invoice Format In GS
The e-Invoice format can be categorized into 8 broad headings in which the details need to be mentioned.
Below are broad headings of e-invoice format: E – Invoice Format In GS

As per the e-invoice format, it is mandatory to mention those information when submitting the invoice details to the IRP. Any information may also be optional, depending on the nature of business and transactions.

Download the complete e-invoice format or schema
  • Code for supply type – B2B for business to business, EXPWP for export with payment, SEZWP for SEZ with Payment
  • Code for document type – INV for Invoice, CRN for Credit Note, DBN for Debit note.
  • Document number – Invoice number as rules prescribed in GST
  • Document date
  • Supplier legal name
  • GSTIN of supplier
  • Supplier address
  • Supplier place, State code and pin code
  • Buyers name and GSTIN
  • Place of supply (State code)
  • List of items – Provide information about the goods and services being invoiced.
  • Document total details – Details of document total including taxes.
  • Ship to details if applicable

Watch the video to know how to generate e-invoice in TallyPrime

The supplier can cancel the e-invoice that is already reported to the IRP system and for which IRN is generated. The supplier can cancel the e-invoice for any of the reasons listed below:

  • Order cancellation by the buyer
  • Incorrect or wrong entry in the e-invoice
  • Mistakes in e-invoice
  • Duplicate entry and so on.

To overcome such situations, a provision is provided to the taxpayer to cancel the invoice reference number (IRN). E – Invoice Format In GS

E-invoice cancellation can also be done using various modes, such as from the e-invoice portal or from the ERP/Accounting program or business management software that use APIs to communicate directly with the portal, just as you can create e-invoice using the different mode. E – Invoice Format In GS

Let’s first explore how to cancel the portal’s e-invoice. You need to login to the e-invoice portal and follow the steps given below to cancel the e-invoice.

  • Login to https://einvoice1.gst.gov.in/

  • Select ‘e-Invoice’ from the main menu

  • Select ‘cancel’ option available in the e-invoice menu

  • Select and mention e-invoice ack.no or IRN

  • After mentioning, click ‘Go’

  • Next, the system will display the e-invoice that you want to cancel

  • Select the cancellation reasons, mention the remarks and submit

After submitting, a success message along with the cancelled e-invoice with a “Cancelled” watermark is displayed.

E-invoice cancellation is much simpler if you are using business management software that is directly integrated with the IRP portal through GSP. What you need to do is just mark the cancellation of the invoice. In order to revoke the e-invoice, the business management program would communicate with the IRP portal automatically. E – Invoice Format In GS

Timelines to cancel e-invoice

The e-invoice portal is designed to store the invoice data for a maximum of 24 hours. As a reason, the e-invoice can be cancelled within 24 hours of generation of the IRN.

After 24 hours of e-invoice generation, e-invoice cannot be cancelled. E – Invoice Format In GS
E - Invoice Format In GST

How to cancel e-invoice in TallyPrime

TallyPrime, powerful business management software comes with fully integrated e-invoice solution that allows businesses to generate e-invoice instantly without the need for manual intervention. e-invoicing in TallyPrime is so fast and simple that you need not do anything more to generate e-invoice. A similar experience is extended to cancel e-invoice as well.

how to cancel e-invoice in TallyPrime

To cancel an e-invoice in TallyPrime, you just need to select the invoice for which IRN is already generated and select ‘update cancellation’ along with a reason. The system will automatically prepare it for cancellation by directly interacting with the IRP portal. To know how to cancel e-invoice in TallyPrime, watch the video

E - Invoice Format In GST

The only alternative that can be used is to cancel the IRN generated with incorrect data in all those situations that involve e-invoice modification. You need to cancel the e-invoice produced with incorrect details in simple words. Record a new invoice with the correct information later, and upload it to create a new IRN. Note, you cannot use the same invoice amount, it should be a new number and more importantly, cancellation is permitted before 24Hrs from the time IRN is produced.

Debit Note and Credit Note

Beyond the time limit to cancel e-invoice, you need to use the debit note or credit note to nullify the invoice information. Next, record a new invoice and generate fresh IRN.

Modification in GST Portal

Modification cannot be done on the IRP but necessary changes for the invoice details reported on the IRP can be done through the GST portal while filing GSTR-1. Since the IRP systems are interconnected with the GST system, as soon the e-invoice is generated, the details of invoice will be auto-populated in GSTR-1 which can be modified.

The above are the options that can be used to modify the e-invoice. Based on the nature of modification and situation, you can choose any of the option to modify the e-invoice details.

Q 1) Can IRN/e-invoice be deleted or modified?

The IRN cannot be changed or removed once it is created. However, if an IRN with incorrect data is produced, it can be cancelled. Once cancelled, the same invoice (with the same number) for the IRN generation cannot be registered again. The cancelation must be achieved within 24 hours of the generation time.

Q 2) What should I do If there is a mistake or incorrect data entry in the e-invoice?

If the e-invoice contains an error, an incomplete or incorrect entry, it cannot be edited or corrected. Canceling the invoice/IRN and uploading a new invoice (with a new number) and creating a new IRN is the only option.

Q 3) Can I partially cancel the e-invoice?

E-Invoice/IRN can’t be partially cancelled. It must be fully cancelled within 24 hours from the time of IRN generation.

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Watch the video on how to cancel the e-invoice.

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