Webtel WEB-e-TDS ( TDS is no more Tedious with Web-e-TDS ) Single-user

4,450.00 Inclusive of taxes

    Product Features

  • No need to punch details of Employees & Parties Name every time.
  • Import of Masters from other softwares (subject to certain conditions).
  • Import of Non-salary data from text file/fvu file.
  • Duplication of Non Salary Payment for repetitive entries.
  • Facility to go to next/ previous record to check and correct entries.
  • Export of Various Reports to Excel for Analysis.
  • TDS Reports for New Form 3CD.
  • Reports relating to PAN.
  • TRACES TAN Defaults Status
  • Reports of party-wise & section-wise Monthly TDS.
  • Backup and Restoration of Data
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