Webtel WEB-e-TDS ( TDS is no more Tedious with Web-e-TDS ) 5 Node Multi User

8,950.00 Inclusive of taxes

    Product Features

        (Web-e-TDS possesses)

  1. No need to punch details of Employees & Parties Name every time.
  2. Import of Masters from other softwares (subject to certain conditions).
  3. Import of Non-salary data from text file/fvu file.
  4. Duplication of Non Salary Payment for repetitive entries.
  5. Facility to go to next/ previous record to check and correct entries.
  6. Export of Various Reports to Excel for Analysis.
  7. TDS Reports for New Form 3CD.
  8. Reports relating to PAN.
  9. TRACES TAN Defaults Status
  10. Reports of party-wise & section-wise Monthly TDS.
  11. Backup and Restoration of Data.
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