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The TSplus App has 2 pre-requisites:

Easy setup and use

Easy to setup and use

After a short download, your devices are ready for use within a few minutes. Whether on your desktop or mobile device, the apps are a gateway to each TSplus system.

With the click or touch of a button, you are connected to a TSplus server where you can use the provided programs, such as QuickBooks, SAP or Office, in real time – wherever you are.

Reduce software costs

Reduce software costs

Using the free TSplus App, save your company money by paying for only one TSplus license and access your servers from as many devices you wish!

Connect from any device

TSplus goes mobile…

You can use all your business apps anywhere, at any time. Whether at your workplace, from home or in between… with the TSplus App, you always have a secure connection to your data via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Security first

Data protection is always a priority…

Even when your employees work outside, your data never leaves the building. Everyone works with your applications via an encrypted data connectionenabled either locally at your company or at a data center, without storing any data on end devices – making remote work as safe and secure as in the office.

Infinite Freedom

Infinite Freedom

Work whenever and wherever you want… with your TSplus App, business services or administrative tasks are no longer bound by any location.

Read your files in your home office, have business reports written by employees at home, and outsource tasks at peak loads to other service providers.

Save Time

Where time meets business, the TSplus App is a “must-have”.

Flexible working hour models… means easier access for staff. From the administrative assistant with a long commute to the consultant who starts family planning – you can now offer a working time model that fits precisely into their lifestyles.


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